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Hamilton, Ontario

Aug 18, 2016

By Tracy Lamourie

Olivia Brown is a mother of three young children, living in a well appointed single family home on Hamilton Mountain. She is educated, runs her own business – two of them in fact! – and her husband, like so many other Hamiltonians, carved a successful career out of Hamilton’s steel factories. They are a nice, normal, middle class Hamilton family like any other, with one vital difference … Olivia is on a mission. That mission? Teaching people about cannabis and it’s positive impact as a natural medicine. And she is doing it from right here on Hamilton Mountain.

She is the founder of two small canna-businesses: The Way Of The Flower Infused Reflexology and Professional Cannabis Consulting. The Way Of The Flower offers traditional reflexology, married with infusions of cannabis medicine via salves, rubs and other topicals. Professional Cannabis Consulting offers extensive personalized consultation and care.

They are dedicated to providing clients with the most accurate and up to date information and guidance in the varied ways to use medicinal cannabis; even visiting doctors with patients should they request it.

Professionally, Olivia is a lot of things – a fountain of important knowledge, a professional consultant, and a holistic healer. She is also a shining example of the new face of the emerging cannabis industry. As Chatelaine magazine recently reported in their story “The Pinking of Pot”, women are beginning to dominate the field both as cannabis related health care providers – and as canna-consumers.

Olivia was referenced in a recent Toronto Sun article : “Olivia Brown, a 35 year old professional cannabis consultant from Hamilton,”…and the article went on to mention that she’d brought her three children to Toronto to show support at the reopening of a dispensary that had been raided by police as part of the controversial police action against dispensaries in the city, known as the “Project Claudia” raids.

When asked to describe how her role as a mom fits in with her role as a guide to the world of medical cannabis, Olivia says : “I think its all about reducing the stigma. People hear cannabis and they think there is something wrong with it, or it should be hidden. My whole point is this is a natural healing medicine and when properly utilized for people with medical need, there is nothing at all to be ashamed of – in either the use of or the advocacy of cannabis medicine. I hope my kids will grow up in a world where this is understood.”

Olivia also spends a lot of time reaching out to the local community. “I think its important to reach out to those who are curious about cannabis medicine and how it can alleviate pain and discomfort and be a part of a health and holistic lifestyle.” As part of her campaign to reach locals who need this information, Olivia was proud to have been the first ever cannabis related business to be a part of the Concession Street Fair this past weekend on Hamilton Mountain. She spent 8 hours at a booth there, talking to curious passersby, including seniors and others with serious medical conditions who had never had the chance to speak to someone knowledgeable in the field.

“The reaction was unbelievable!”, said Olivia. “So many people had questions – I am so glad I went, people were very positive and I had some great conversations!”

Ever the trailblazer, Olivia is marking another “first” this weekend. She’ll be the very first cannabis related business to ever participate in the upcoming Yoga Fest to be held at Gage Park. She’ll also be at the coming Wholistic Wellness Expos in Oakville and Burlington – and again, she’ll be the first ever cannabusiness to be there!

You can connect with Olivia in the next weeks at : Yoga Fest Gage Park THIS weekend… Wholistic Wellness Expo. Nov 26 Oakville Olivia is also available for media interviews. Contact her publicist : Tracy Lamourie Lamourie Public Relations 647-918-8565